Reader Poll: Walk or Monorail to the Magic Kingdom?

A scenic ride on the Monorail to the Magic Kingdom

And the winner is….drumroll please …. MONORAIL! Nineteen votes were cast for monorail as their transport of choice to Magic Kingdom.

One Facebooker said, “The Monorail! I can always walk at home, I can’t ride the monorail at home.” Good point! Another added, “Monorail. That’s one of the great features about staying at the Contemporary.” Definitely very true! Why not take advantage of the easy monorail access?

Another Facebooker addressed the scenic view: “Monorail — magical to experience the spiel and pass by the other monorail hotels. Builds up the anticipation more! And the view from the monorail looking out over the water — picture perfect.”

Two Facebookers call the monorail downright magical. Another quotes the Spanish monorail spiel: “Por favor matengase alehada de Las puertas. MONORAIL!!!!!” and another likes to daydream: “Monorail love to sit and watch the different places and dream of being in them all one day.”

We even received a funny song about the monorail from a commenter! Click here to see it!

And one commented — why add on extra walking? They said, “Monorail… I do plenty of walking at my Disney World.”

Or… a quick walk to the Magic Kingdom

But not everyone was on the side of monorailing to the MK.

Ten Facebook commenters were solidly on the side of utilizing the walking path to the Magic Kingdom. Why? Five different Facebookers said it’s quicker and they just want to get into the park!

Some more thoughts from those in favor of the walking path: “Walk … less time and you burn off some of those Disney food calories!” and “Definitely walk… I’m not lazy enough to spend 2-3 times (or more) the time riding that monorail. Riding would make no sense as long as I have 2 legs that work.”

Thirteen more commenters chimed in with thoughts that were not solidly on the side of walking or monorailing. Some said they like to ride the monorail upon arrival, but walk after that.

Others say it depends on the weather. One Facebooker told us, “Depends how hot it is outside… usually in the day we take the monorail and in the evening after the park closes we walk.”

Others shared that they like to take the monorail into the park and walk back. One said, “Monorail at closing is very busy and line long…walk to Contemporary at end of the evening is ideal. Monorail in the AM has light people traffic and is a wonderful way to start the day.” A good tip!

And still more said they prefer both. One said, “As a retired monorail pilot, I’m a bit biased. But I’ve done the “walk” and love that, too.”

And finally, someone left this thought: “Monorail or a boat ride.” So let the monorail vs. boat ride debate begin!

Tell us what you prefer for Contemporary to Magic Kingdom transportation in the comments below!

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