Reader Memories

We asked our Facebook fans about some of their favorite memories of the Contemporary Resort. Here’s a compilation of their favorite memories!

One reader shares a memory that brought back a memory from her childhood:

“I remember being all alone in my room, with a view to Bay Lake. At around 10pm, as I was lying there in bed, I heard what sounded like something akin to Main Street Electrical Parade. I looked out through my doors and saw the Electric Water Pageant! It’s a memory that I had forgotten I had.” – from Christin B.

This reader has Memories of Stardom:

How could I ever forget my best memory of myself being the Star of the Show at the Hoop-dee-doo Revue. My 15 minutes of fame has been fulfilled! ~Ed G.

More memories comes from when Contemporary Resort opened in 1971:

“My favorite memories of the Contemporary Resort are from helping to open the Coffee Shop on the main concourse. The Resort was late to open, so we got extra training and extras that none of the others got, like touring the wildlife areas, riding the rides in Magic Kingdom on the clock, and having a catered lunch on some of the yachts on Bay Lake. Of course, serving Mickey Mouse and Goofy after hours in the coffee shop was great too! They were quite the characters! I also remember being one of the extras in the WDW Opening Special [on television]. I was one of the extras on the dock on Bay Lake. I was able to pick myself out of the crowd because of the bright red outfit I was wearing. Even the guests I served were special. Everything was magical there! I have always loved the Contemporary! It’s a magnificent building!” -from Cathy F., who appears to be a former cast member!

“My family vacationed there in 1971, shortly after it opened, and even though I was four, I remember how magical it was! I remember in 1979 staying there, and my younger brother and I went downstairs to the arcade and had a hot ham n’ cheese every morning. The whimsical mural of children still takes my breath away….” from Jennifer L.

These readers share special magical and romantic memories:

“Watching the fireworks from my balcony. I know it’ll be the same for a lot of people, but it was just magical.” -from Vicki W.

“My wedding reception was held at the California Grill with a beautiful view of the Magic Kingdom! Also, our last trip at Bay Lake Tower sitting on the balcony with our daughter watching Wishes — beautiful!” –from Diana O.

“The room being decorated when we came back from Epcot to celebrate our engagement! The rose petals and the roses and everything were just beautiful!” from Jennifer Z.

These readers share memories of food and drink from past & present:

“A cool libation at the Monorail Club Car.” –from Timothy B.

Watching Wishes fireworks at 10:00 at the California Grill outside on the deck. And eating at Concourse Steakhouse (miss that place)” – from Gary M.

One reader shares several special memories!

“At 12 years old, the summer of 1975, my parents took my sisters and me to Disney for our vacation that summer. All of us got on the Monorail and journeyed to the Magic Kingdom. We went through the Contemporary Resort on our way and being 12, was blown away by it’s grandness and size. Every time the monorail took us through it, it was exciting and what a treat it would have been to stay in such a great resort.

35 years later, and divorced, both parents had passed, on and I have 2 boys ages 17 and 15. My 101 years old grandmother passed away in October of 2010. I was dating a beautiful women named Kelly and the money my Gram had left, was enough to ask Kelly to Marry me and finalize our dream at Walt Disney World by getting married there. We got engaged late in October of 2010, and made our reservations for the Contemporary Resort and plans to tie the knot at the Polynesian Resort on January 4th of 2011 with Kelly’s son, his wife and their 2 children present, and my 2 boys. Kelly’s son and his family stayed at Pop Century. We took Disney’s Magic Express bus from Orlando airport to the Contemporary. As we pulled up, and to see this magnificent Resort, thinking of when my parents took my sisters and me as we rode the monorail through this resort, I started to cry. We checked in to our room which faced the Magic Kingdom, then proceeded to get on the monorail to the Magic Kingdom. As my wife to be and 2 boys got on the monorail, I thought to myself, 35 years ago at age 12, my dream has come true. I (we) are staying at the Contemporary Resort! I guess you can consider this one of the things to do on my Bucket list.

On January 4th of 2011 we said our “I do’s” at the Polynesian Resort with the Magic Kingdom in the background and Contemporary Resort off to the side. Our family by our side I enjoyed the most precious moment of my life. I look back to that day when I was 12, and think now how special that vacation was for me to see the Contemporary Resort and bring my boys there at age 47. I hope that one day they can bring their children to the Contemporary Resort and have that same wonderful kid feeling in their stomach as we all did when the bus drove up to drop us off there. A truly remarkable memorable stay at this resort.

I thank Walt Disney World and Contemporary Resort for making dreams come true for my wife and me, and our family. I am so glad we chose the Contemporary Resort for our stay and wouldn’t do anything different. It was the ultimate marriage and vacation! Every time we get on that monorail and drive through the Contemporary resort, I can’t help but remember the time of being 12 with my Mom, Dad and sisters.
Thanks again for making dreams come true. Thanks for making OUR dreams come true!” – T.J.

Finally, this reader shares a little bit of well…everything!

“There is so much that makes this resort one of the best on property and my family’s personal FAV. One thing I miss too is Concourse Steakhouse. Nothing compared to their Sticky Mickeys. Watching the fireworks from the balcony, hearing the train whistle from bed and being woken up from it. Just waking up in the middle of the night to see that beautiful site of Cinderella Castle changing colors and making that castle check from our tower room! Walking to and from MK… the excitement and anticipation, especially heading to MK for the first time that trip! Just watching the monorail enter and exit from the tower from the 4th floor. Shopping in the stores. Taking our picture out back with the silver Mickey photo op place! Watching my then 3-year-old daughter go down the slide for the first time ever and then probably 50 times afterwards… taking the boat over from Contemporary Resort to Wilderness Lodge and Fort Wilderness… There are more, but these are the first ones to come to mind when I think about CR!” – Deborah M.

Thanks for sharing your snapshots and magical memories with us!

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