Mobile Lobby Experience at Walt Disney World Resorts

Disney has recently implemented a new program called the ‘Mobile Lobby Experience’ at it’s Walt Disney World Resort Hotels. Cast Members armed with iPads now greet arriving guests either curbside, or as they enter the hotel lobby. These first line contact Cast Members take the guests name and to begin the check-in process by looking up reservations and seeing if the room is ready.The Cast Member then escorts the guest to the check in desk, where they can grab the pre-arrival packet for the party or leave them in the hands of a front desk clerk to complete the check-in process.

Anna Greets Guest for Check-In at the Grand Floridian

At the moment the ‘Mobile Lobby Experience’ doesn’t have the capability to Key to The World Cards curbside, which means that guests still end up stopping by the front desk. However, what needs to be taken into consideration is that this ‘Mobile Lobby Experience’ technology is going to dovetail nicely with the coming MagicBands that Disney has said will be shipped to guests prior to their check-in.

The ‘Mobile Lobby Experience’ in it’s current form is a lovely personal greeting at check-in that makes guests feel welcomed home. However, once guests arrive on site with the MagicBand a possibility exists that that with a couple of taps on the iPad, the MagicBands (which will act as room keys) may be activated and guests can be off and running faster than ever. Could this be the ‘Mobile Lobby Experience’ of the future?

Only time will tell… but it certainly is Contemporary.

Thanks so much to our friends at for researching this new program and sharing their information with us!