Fans speak: Your favorite thing about the Contemporary Resort

Monorail: fan favorite

We asked our facebook page pals a while back about their FAVORITE thing about staying in the Contemporary Resort. And most simply couldn’t list just one thing! As Jennifer Z. puts it, “What’s not to like other than cost?”

Here are some of your favorite things about staying at the Contemporary!

Club/concierge level

The lucky ones who have stayed club level say they love it:

“The concierge floor!!! Just love the new refurbed rooms and gathering space! Would not go to the Contemporary without staying on the 12th floor!” -Darlene D.

“Monorail in the hotel, being near everything and of course the club floor and unlimited beer!” -Wendy R.


Nuff said, right? Who doesn’t love the monorail?

“Chef Mickey’s Buffet & The Monorail.” -José C.

“Walking through the hotel and hearing and seeing the monorail zoom overhead. I could NEVER get tired of that!” -Krissy V.

“The Monorail and all the Contemporary’s amenities.” -Jane D.

“The little city on the 4th floor. You’ve got everything you need right there, and a monorail gliding in every few minutes.” -Robert C.

Location and Amenities

Being close to the Magic Kingdom and all the action, along with the resort’s shopping and amenities, is these folks’ favorite thing about the Contemporary:

“The feeling of being so close to all the shops and restaurants. It’s a magical feeling cuz it’s something we have done since I was born and now 20 years later. I love be able to leave my hotel room and just walk down the hall and there’s all the shops.” -Emily B.

“We stay in the tower – love being in the same building and how close everything is! When we stayed at the WL, it felt like we walked a mile just to get to the elevator!” -Elizabeth S.

“Stayed at Bay Lake Towers and loved it! Closeness to the Magic Kingdom, views of fireworks at night and Bay Lake during the day, the pool, the beach, the monorail, Contemporary’s restaurant and shops, and the arcade. Had a great time and can’t wait to come back.” -Sandra K.

“MK view is the best, games room awesome, easier to get to all parks.” -Jennifer L.


A virtual smorgasbord of the best the Contemporary has to offer is why thee folks love the Contemporary:

“Too many to pick just one! The view of the fireworks, the monorail, the electric parade, Bay Lake, Seven Seas Lagoon, Chef Mickey’s, etc.” -Lisa F.

“I can’t list just one as I love the entire experience, but the first thing that popped into my head is I like waking up to the sound of the music wafting up from Chef Mickey’s in the morning, so I’ll go with that.” -Amy D.

“Everything! The view, walking to Magic Kingdom, the monorail, comfy beds, Chef Mickey’s, etc.” -Heidi H.


When you leave, what do you have? The memories. Read on:

“The view from our room of the Magic Kingdom, esp at night for the fireworks show! Awesome memories for my family.” -Wally B.

“The memories of all the past visits from over 30 years ago.” -Bob C.

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