2013 Bay Lake Tower DVC Point Charts Reallocate Rooms

2013 BLT Point Chart

Earlier this month the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) sent out email to it’s members announcing that the point charts for 2013 had been released with some exciting news for Bay Lake Tower owners.

A number of rooms at Bay Lake Tower are being reclassified as of January 1, 2013. DVC reallocated points for the 2013 Vacation Point Charts making several rooms that we’re previously classified as Magic Kingdom view, now standard view. These 10 rooms had previously been classified in most expensive Magic Kingdom View room block. However, Disney listened to it’s fans and DVC owners who complained that these rooms were fairly obstructed and that they didn’t deserve to be in this category.

Increases and decreases within these two Resorts’ point charts keep the total number of Vacation Points for each Resort unchanged, as dictated by the member contract, however Disney believes that the changes are “designed to better reflect the rooms’ views.”

I think that the reallocation is fantastic because it gives members a greater availability to book standards rooms (the least expensive BLT category) and will make fewer guests that are disappointed with their Magic Kingdom View. Visit our Printed Materials page for a larger view of the 2013 BLT Point Charts.

So grab you point charts (or call Central reservations if you’ll be booking with cash) and let’s get planning for some fantastic 2013 Walt Disney World Vacations!